Product Customizer

Product Customizer is an easy to use web application tool to create personalized products.

How It Works



  • Product Customizer is a Do-It-Yourself web application tool
  • Users can add upload images, Add Texts, Resize images, change the color, move the position of the text to

    left, right, top, bottom, flip the text vertically and horizontally in any products.

  • Unlimited number of products can be customized using this tool. In other words, every products can be

    personalized not limited to T-shirts, Shoes, Musical Instruments, Uniforms, mugs, etc

  • Customers can get total freedom to design your own style of products.


Product customizer developed for below Technology

  • hire_web_designHTML5
  • hire_web_designCSS3
  • hire_developJSON
  • hire_androidJQuery
  • hire_androidJavaScript
  • hire_phpPHP
  • hire_phpCakePHP
  • hire_phpCodeIgniter
  • hire_androidResponsive

Product Customizer can be integrated with major Ecommerce sites.

WordPress Woocommerce

Joomla Virtuemart






Basic requirement to install this application.

  • my-sqlPHP
  • MY-SQL

Installation Instruction

First of all extract the folder and upload the product tool into your server using ftp program.

1.Extract the files from ZIP and upload the files into your server

2.And run your file for below url: localhost/ProductCustomizer/ProductCustomizer.

3.Create your own design

4.Assume you installed xampp in C Drive.
Go to: Xampp folder -> htdocs -> upload your unzip file.

5.Now double click on “XAMPP CONTROL PANEL” on desktop and START “Apache”.

Existing Features

  • Download

    Easy to Download

    We can easily add logo to the images that people download, print, and share so that name is on there.

  • hire_iphone

    Pencil Drawing

    The Pencil Drawing module your customers can add custom drawings with different brush types to the canvas.

  • hire_android

    Background Pattern

    You can upload your pattern images as PNG or JPEG format into the fpd_patterns_text folder.

  • hire_develop

    Manage Layers

    We can easily move the layer up & down and you can easily lock the layer.

  • hire_iphone

    Magnify View

    A magnifying glass is a convex lens that is used to produce a magnified image of an object. The lens is usually mounted in a frame with a handle(see image).

  • hire_iphone

    Manage Module

    We can easily add the modules to the product designer.we can add the modules can be set via the the plugin options.

  • hire_iphone

    Flexible price

    Material, colors, texts, images and graphics can have different prices.You can assign a set price for every additional layer for different product views.


Please contact developer to get a quote to integrate this Product Customizer in your Ecommerce site.
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