Online Delivery Service Mobile App

Online delivery service app provides interaction between customers and providers where the providers offers a delivery service. Delivery services includes taxi booking (can be pick and drop of customer), food delivery, courier delivery, etc.

Workflow of the online Delivery Service App

  • Customer shall enter the pickup location and time and date.
  • Customer shall enter the delivery location and date and time. These locations can be saved to customer profile as addresses.
  • Once customer place a order, will go to all drivers as notification.
  • Near by drivers can accept the order.
  • Then the driver will start the work.
  • Driver shall close the order with status after delivery.
  • Customers shall provide rating to the Driver.
  • Customer can see the history of all his orders.
  • Driver can see the history of all his orders.


  • 1. Delivery service app can be customized to meet the requirement of any online delivery services.
    Industries cover,

    • Online food delivery service.
    • Online Taxi Booking.
    • Online hotel booking.
    • Online courier delivery service, etc.
  • 2. This app can be completely white labelled with your brand name and logo.
  • 3. We shall use our app to clone some of the popular apps like Uber, Just Eat.

Server Requirement:

  • Linux Operating System.
  • mod_rewrite enabled.
  • Enabled PHP CURL & Imagemagic.
  • PHP Version : 5.4+.
  • Mysql Version 5.0.
  • Apache.

This app contain 3 parts:

  • Admin part (small website).
  • Client Part (Mobile app ).
  • Driver Part (Mobile App ).