Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is an important part of every business activity in our Software Company. The main goal of our QA team is to provide our customers with the products of high quality, satisfying all specified requirements, within stipulated time limits and budget.

The QA team Reviews every phase of the software development life cycle: specifying the software requirements, design, implementation, testing, and deployment.

Before beginning the work on the project a testing strategy is defined. This document describes the general approach and objectives of the test activities. It includes the stages of testing (unit, integration and system) and the kinds of testing (function, performance, load, stress, etc.) to be performed

The following types of tests are performed to check the software quality:

  • Functionality tests
  • Usability tests (tests of consistency in the user interface, online and context-sensitive help, and user documentation)
  • Reliability tests (integrity tests, structure tests, and stress tests)
  • Performance tests

QA team adheres to the following methodology:

  • Every employee is involved in the quality assurance process
  • QA process covers all stages of the software development
  • Type of application, which is produced by our company, is checked by QA: executable code (applications, systems, etc.) and documentation (implementation plans, test plans, models, and user manuals)